Messy play at its best
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Mr Hatter! *Updated*

Mr Hatters, Cream Tease.

 Mr Hatter has invited Holly Kiss and Axa Jay round for a party. Well the girls are well up for it in more way's than one... They've dressed in their best, to get messed. From the moment the party starts the girls make it totally obvious to Mr Hatter that they want to get messed up and play. The girls flaunt their assets asking to be pied and gunged. Axa is so excited she goes straight for the Rola Cola! Holly is in a pie and play mood. She makes sure that everybody gets pies in the right places. The girls decide that the dresses need to come off and more mess needs to come in.. Mr Hattter is loving every minute of this messy adult play. Especially as he has two stunning ladies at his beck and call! If you've watched before you'll know how much fun Mr Hatter has...Cum join us?  Er! Sorry we meant come....


Mr hatter's, custard hat!


Tease those pants!


Let's have more action.

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Play your Pies Right.

 Welcome to Play Your Pies Right, our two beautiful contestants are Axa Jay and Holly Kiss. Rules: Simple pick a card, the lowest number gets the messy prize. Starting with custard down the blouse, we follow with beans in the panties challenge. As the show progresses the prizes get bigger and the outfits get messier. Holly wins an award winning pie, which doubles the mess! Panties are filled, followed by forced sitting! Custard flows freely, as the clothes are lost, as the ladies are in their stockings and suspenders for the large pie sitting round, Mr Hatter has his own rules, which include covering the ladies in lashings of custard. Holly displays the bean booty shake. Though the girls seem to want to take revenge on Mr Hatter for messy play, as they grind him, then they take the infamous hatter, hat fill it to the brim with mess. Holly wears and splats the bean and custard filled delight, then the girls start talking about wanting some messy play.


Holly's cake sitting challenge!


The girls get down and dirty!


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Maids School.

 Mr Hatter, has hired two new maids for the restaurant, they need to be shown the ropes before they can meet the paying public. The maids are Debs and Axa, their job is also to test the mess from sir. Well as we join one these test's is about take place. Join us as we test just how much gunge and mess, maids uniforms can take, also how much mess can be poured into panties. The maids then inspect the panties at close quarters by putting their heads in there!! Also the maids are put through pie inspection, how well they can hold pie, receive pie, and of course dish out pie. Of course how to serve afternoon custard, and not spill any on yourself and the customers!! Also taking care of any customer needs, that Mr Hatter sees fit... Trust me he sees fit!! Pie Masturbation, is one of the tricks of the trade to be taught to the maids. Question is, will the maids behave, or will it turn into a messy pie fight, with some serious adult play???   


Maid's need pies!!


Maids punished..


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