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Doctor's and Nurses

Doctors and Nurses.

 Meet the Wam Doctor Mr Aelexi, and his nurse Miss Jay, they where on their rounds this morning. When Axe decided it was more fun to gunge the Doctor. As we join, the doctor has decided that Miss Jay should be taken care of by himself, the doctor feels this may be a case of Wamnesia So a hands on approach is needed. Well pies are a plenty as well as gunge, plus all the other as aspects you would expect to find in a wam examination. Though Axa gets over come by the moment and rips her uniform off!! So she can get to grips with Doctor Alexi, Before we know it a wam handjob is being done, followed by numerous deep blow jobs.. It looks like nurse Axa is looking for one more cream pie on this round... Will she get her way and get the doctor to finish his round on her!!

Nurse pass the Gunge??

Doctor and Nurse, try out the NHS! Rola Cola!!


Nurse Jay, assits the Doctor..

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ces High.

  Doctor Alexei has been set a challenge, can he go Aces High and take all the pie!! Yep how much mess is Alexei prepared to take. Well we're about to find out. We've brought in Nurse Jay to do the dishing out. Of course we have to go for more than just pies in the face. Starting with yazoo down the top. custard and cream shampoo, gallons of gunge down the pants!! We have a genuinely very nice chocolate and strawberry pie to the face. A chocolate chest massage as the t-shirt goes west... Then we up the levels as we set about, custard cock play. Axa masturbates Alexei with several chocolate pots...More pie power... Then we have something new Rola Cola Balls!! Yes pour a large amount of his cock... This and much, much more as we see how much mess is put to the test!!

Pass the gunge, nurse..

Nurse pass the pies!!

Nurse Axa's, Pot Pleasure..

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