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Cream Horn's

Sultry in Satin.

 Sarah and Andy have been talking about a mega messy session, Sarah say's 'Bring it On' So they choose a satin challenge, who can take the most mess, whilst sexually teasing the other person. In this download, join us as Sarah get's pelted with pies, coated in custard, plastered in paint and carton's of cream in the crotch! Sarah sexually winds up Andy, to the point where he can't help but flirt sexually with Sarah on cam, (what man could when Sarah sexy body is next to you!) Sarah tells the viewer's she'd like a phone line installing so they can phone in with what messy sex play they would like!! So for this she loses her satin pants and her pussy gets plastered with custard and then licked clean!! Sarah is dared to go topless after her top is totally trashed in mess. Her awesome breasts are covered in custard and cream, then her pert nipples are given some serious kissing and licking. Well all this happens plus much more!! This download is the full story, this show's the genuine play between Sarah and Andy, as Sarah totally enjoy's gunging Andy, debbaging him, covering his bum, cock and balls in numerous mess, she also taunts him and get's him to pleasure her as she see's fit. Add to this when she strips naked sits on Andy, grinds him, masturbates him, whilst plastering him in custard. Later they both demonstrate how to give a superb messy hand job. Just how far will they both dare to take each other? Just what will Sarah do, if Andy let's her??? Will Andy sock it to Sarah????  

Sarah Spanks, Andy!


Sarah's squidy bum makeover.


Sultry Sarah's Satin Gunging!


Sarah's sexy handjob and more..

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Two on One.

  Axa Jay and Holly Kiss, have decided to take Andy on in a two on one messy session. Rules, well there are none. As soon as we're off, custard pies are flying everywhere, buckets of mess, flour and water pies, foam pies, buckets of porridge. They even start throwing green paint over each other. Then Axa takes the upper hand and starts wanking Andy with custard and anything else she can get her hands on. Things don't go Holly's way as she gets told off  for cheating, one of her numerous forefits during the scene is to be-dagged and flanned in the pussy with a catering sized pie. Andy thinks he has survived when the ladies really go for it and take turns to give him, messy face sitting. Both ladies have no panties on, that don't stop them just push their hot jussy pussy's straight into Andy's mouth. Axa also takes the time to attack wamrocker covering him in pies and mess. Holly also flirts with Andy be letting him inspect her gunged pussy. So Axa has to join by flashing her gunged pussy to the camera and everybody on set.        

Give Axa the Treatment!!


Messy Facesitting anyone!


Holly's Forefit Pie!


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Axa and Andy.

 Axa calls Andy into the gunge area as she says there is a fault when really, she just wants a messy session. She gets Andy to confess about his messy fantasy's then she sets about making them reality! These include handcuffs, gunge, face sitting (naked) cocktease, boob smothering, masturbation, gunging oh lots of gunging, pies, mess, flour. she even gets the compost out! Axa also wastes no time in getting what she wants as well, as porridge is smeared all over her pert ass and other areas!       



Axa and Andy



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  Welcome to Deluge our latest Creamhorn messy game show. Starring new girls Tempest Wild and Looby Lou, the rules are simple enough, if you get the question right the other person suffers a deluge of mess, ranging from custard, yazoo, pies, gunge, muck and mess. Though some of the questions are a bit bizarre, like can a watercan dish out condessed milk? Could a paint roller and tray be used for custard coatings! How much mess can your nickers take, blouse ripping competion! At one point Looby Lou stuns everybody by knowing what Tiswas! stands for.             



Deluge Trailer.


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