Messy play at its best
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Sexy Sessions

Lethal Lockdown.

 Miss Lethal has been put in Lockdown! The only way she can escape Mad-Jack, is to pleasure him in anyway he see's fit. Right from the start Jack, set's about letting Miss Lethal know excactly what he want's and what expect's, she is to be splosh dommed, to start with several sensual blow jobs are on the list, along with mess massage, some seriously hot sensual kissing, masturbation long and hard, face sitting, oh did we tell you that Miss Lethal is in cuff's for the whole event, just to make sure! Oh do anything wrong, it's mortal mess for her, followed by several forced orgams on camera. Will Miss Lethal escape the lockdown, or does she secretly want to stay???


Lethal Blow Job!


Forced Rola Cola Orgasm!


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Torment and Tease.

 Star of live bdsm events, Tempest Wild, got in touch and stated she wanted a full on messy session with an orgasm or two thrown in!! What could we do but says yes. We started off by chaining Tempest to the chair, and making a mess of her, well she thinks this is easy. Well she speaks to soon as she gets totaled with the amount of desert gunge thrown over, rubbed into her panties and tits. Then her first suprise the cucumber!! She is given a full cucumber and told to put up her pussy! Once well and truly in there she gets her first of several custard masturbation's. Spanking is also on the list, once her buttocks are red she gets cooled down with cream and custard. A messy blow job dare will she be able to complete the task? Then its onto some fun with pegs!! Tempest has to peg up her own ample breasts, then suddenly she is forced to suffer custard weights? You guessed it we pour custard over the pegs until they either snap off her pert breasts, or she submits and removes them. Oh and she gets licked out three times, just to make sure she cums!! All this and pies, gunge, custard galore, clothes ripping, and some serious messy play all in one package. 


Cucumber and Custard!


Tempest Spanked..


Pegs and Custard!

Listen to Tempest.

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Messy Play.

 Messy Play, a completely un-scripted non-edited scene. We decided to chuck Pete the camera man in and get the girls to give him a messy handjob. Though chaos erupts from the word go, everybody just trashes everybody else, with pies, gunge, muck, buckets of water, custard, paint, flour, porridge, you name it, anything on set was used. That said Axa reminds Holly about giving Pete the treatment, so they start gunging him and wanking him at the same time. Pete goes to bits with two of britian's best pornstars taking control of his body. Andy and Wamrocker flan both Axa and Holly non-stop while the ladies they are trying to get Pete to orgasm. Then wamrocker up the stakes even more, by throwing several buckets of freezing water over everybody. This sene is truly mental, with complete and utter messy play from start to finish. This what the want......... 

Flan me Up!

Hand Job & Pies!!

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Nun Donna.

 After their last session Donna has a joined monastery and become a nun, due to the fact when she met Del it took her to mess, sexual heaven and since then nothing will do. Del has been searching for Donna and now he's found her, he needs to de-programme her so she will splosh. So Del get's Donna in the chair and sets about giving her splosh heaven, by gunging and flanning Donna till she squeals with joy. Though it would appear that the uniform of these nuns is pvc? Del sets about pouring yazoo and crusher into places where it should not go, this leads to pies, custard soakings, and of course Donna's favourite pussy play. Thing is will Donna run off with Del, or will she stay and keep the habit?


Pvc Outfit Filled!


Donna's Custard Pussy


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